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Experiments For Children At Home For 9 Years

Interesting experiment with child obedience

наказаниеToday, I want to tell you about one interesting experiment with the obedience of children, the results of which should be drawn to the attention of all parents! Why? Because this mistake is probably made by 90 per cent of all parents, surprisingly after the difficulties of transition, that children forget parental guidance and do everything the other way around.

So, what's the experiment?

Dr. Jonathan Friedman's experiment is described in Robert Chaldini's book, Power Psychology. Acquaintance with the results of the experiment will help you decide for yourself what should be done and not do with children.

The purpose of the experiment is to find out what can keep children from playing with some kind of toy in the future (the word "grunts" in this case can be extended to teenage migraines...)

Tests were conducted in different groups of children aged 7 to 9.

There were some toys in the room. Everyone was pretty unattractive, except a robot on batteries. It was with him that the researcher banned boys from playing. He knew it was quite easy for children to obediate for a short period of time. Friedman believed that, under his supervision, few boys would risk playing with a robot. He was right. Friedman showed the boy five toys and said:Playing with a robot is bad. If you do that, I'll be very angry and I'll have to punish you." .наказ2 Friedman then left the room, but followed the child through a unilateral mirror. 21 out of the 22 boys tested did not touch the robot. So the threat worked while the boys thought they could be caught and punished.

Friedman had predicted that result, but he wanted to know whether the threat would be acted later when it was not there. To find out, he sent his assistant to school in six weeks to the boys where he experimented. The assistant took the boys one by one, made it into the room with the same toys and gave the drawing test. She said you could play with any toys while she's evaluating the test results.

It was interesting that 77 per cent of boys had stopped their choice on a robot that had previously been a " forbidden fruit " for them.

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