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Experiment Of Water Experience Of Children

how do you get a coin out of the water without washing hands?

Опыты с водой

How do you get a coin out of the water without washing hands?

Take the coin and put it on the plate near the edge. Get some water so that its level is a little higher than the coin. Water can be painted by a food painter or a green, or used by tea. We used it.

Make a sample ship and matches. It's easy for a child to masturbate on its own. A fastened match, put it in the sample and tie a sail with a colored paper. Put the ship in a dish with water and burn the sail. Now carefully cover the ships with a transparent glass. If there's a floating candle in the house, you can use it instead of a ship. It's like a paper ship.

Опыты с водой для детейIn a few seconds, the fire will be dry, and the water will start getting inside the glass, raising the ship upstairs. There's a part of the dish you left on, and you can take it without your hands.

Why is that happening?

Fire heated the air inside the glass. As a result, the air increased, its volume increased, and the air pressure increased. In the end, some of the air from the glass started out. When the fire hits, the air cooled down and decreased again, which means that its pressure was also reduced and it became less atmospheric. That's the atmospheric pressure and the water in the glass, feeding our coin.

It is necessary to hear the wrong explanation of this old experience (the first of its description belongs to an ancient scientist, Philon Visantiski (306-337). They say it burns oxygen, so the amount of gas under the glass decreases. The main reason is heating air, not absorbing oxygen with burning paper.

Experiments, experience and focus help us learn science. Open her undiscovered sides. Children like to do their own experience. So let's help them study science. And it'll be in play form, fun.

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