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Formulating Experiment Of Children

Formulating experiment in research on the development of the social intelligence of young children 496

Экспериментальная психология в России: традиции и перспективы


The proposed work examines the procedure and results of the emerging experiment on social adaptation of young school-age children with intellectual disabilities. Particular attention is paid to the impact of developing the ability to act " in mind " on the development of social intelligence.


The need for an emerging pilot study has always been determined by life requirements. For our study, this requirement has been to exclude our children from the general education system, and to attempt to create an adequate educational environment for a group of children of 25 persons, the " chosen " classical education system. Thus, psychological research has been linked to pedagogical research and the design of the most effective forms of education and training.

According to the psychological vocabulary, " Experiment is a method used in the age and pedagogical psychology to track the change in the mental health of the child in the process of the active influence of the researcher on the subject. The experiment is not limited to registering the facts, but, through the creation of special situations, reveals the pattern, mechanisms, dynamics, trends in the mental development of the individual, determining the possibilities of optimizing the process. "

The main factor preventing our children from attending classical secondary school has been the violation of social intelligence, which has prevented children from communicating adequately with peers and building social relations in the community. In the very general sense of social intelligence, we were based on the interpretation of J. Gilford, which considered social intelligence as a ability to function successfully in society, as a system of intellectual abilities independent of a factor of common intelligence and related primarily to the knowledge of behavioural information (Gilford, 1965, 1967).

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