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Show The Kids The Experiment

Development of numerical children of the present and geography of the past

Time travels incredibly fast. Technological progress is dripping his knuckle into the nostril, and we're so used to it that we've stopped paying attention. Fresh, with the heat of smartphones and tablets, it's morally obsolete six months after buying, all the video cards, televisions and cameras. Eighteen years ago, a pager could be proudly delivered, 12 years ago, on the belt of a mob in the Chef, seven years ago, the world was watching the first iPhone, and the era of smartphones began. Anyway, the process is starting to get out of hand.

Every generation ' s childhood has been marked by material objects that are characteristic at that time. The change in technology had previously been fairly smooth and slow, so children usually knew and understood what had once been valuable and important for the previous generation. But today, there's so many gadgets and electronics around here that, in fact, there's been a breakdown of the continuity of generations.

We decided to do a little experiment-- to invite six kids from six to ten years and show them the gadgets from the past.

So how do you explain to a man born in 1995, why is this picture nostalgic to those born in 1980?

And this picture, in fact, squeezes a man's tear from a generation of 30-year-olds:

And can modern young people understand the joy that has given us practical experience in communicating with these domestic galvanic elements? This, in a straightforward sense, is an inexplicable word. taste of childhood?

Many of us have long (or recently) become parents. We have the idea of filming that modern children know about gadgets from our own childhood. Our children are already living in another country, surrounded by another world, gadgets and technology that we were not aware of at their age. In the role, we decided not only to ask the children if we know what the objects and devices are, but how to use them. We've forgotten a lot already. Let us remember together some things that are so important for dozens of millions of people.

Disk phone

The most famous gadget in our video. Perhaps the disk collector phone is one of the most recognized instruments of all time and peoples. To be honest, we're even a little sorry for those who never used the same way to dial.

For many decades, home phones were not accessible to all. I had to go to the neighbors to call, or go down to the automobile. One day, this rather unsuccessful re-entry disk could drive to white rolling while you were rapidly dialing the number. We didn't get into the right openings, but we used to roll the disk so fast that the whole phone was on the table. It's been a long time, and it's just a memory of a retracting disc, a tactile feeling of openings and a limiter that's got a finger in the recruitment.

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