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What Physical Experience Can Be Conducted At Home

Good experience for little nephew!

A little child is not only an eternal engine and a jumper, but also a genius maker and an endless reason. Children's curiosity gives parents a lot of care, but it's very useful, because it's the key to the baby's development. Finding something new is useful not only in the form of lessons, but also in the form of games or experiences. That's what we're talking about today. Simple physical and Chemical experience do not require special knowledge, special training or expensive materials. They can be carried out in the kitchen to surprise, entertain the child, open a whole world to him, or just raise the mood. Virtually any experience a child can prepare and put himself in your presence. However, in some of the experiments, it is better for a major player to make mom or dad.

Color explosion in milk

What's more amazing than turning a normal thing into an unnatural, when white, familiar to everyone, milk becomes colorful?
It will be necessary: whole milk (mandatory) food painters of different colours, any liquid mosquito, cotton sticks.
Work plan:

  1. Put milk in the plate.
  2. Add a few drops of each painter. Try to be careful not to move your own plate.
  3. Take the wrinkle, bury it into the machine and touch it in the center of the milk plate.
  4. The milk starts moving, and the colors change. A real color explosion in a plate!

Explanation of experience: The milk consists of molecules of different types: fat, proteins, carbs, vitamins and minerals. There are several processes at the same time when the milk is added. First, the urinant reduces superficial tension, and by doing so the food painters move freely throughout the milk surface. But the most important thing is that the mob reacts with molecules of fat in milk and leads them into motion. That's why the experience doesn't suit the milk.

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