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Physical Experience At Home With Water

World Water Pressure Survey

Hello, esteemed readers.

The Physics Game is a season of games and acquaintances with the concept of DAVID. The first survey of Internet experience focused on air pressure. And today, let's see what water pressure experiments they're playing with.

The first thing I found was a press article on the Class Physics website. A lot of interesting tasks are fluid pressure issues. And the experience in the drawing is very indicative and interesting, as I think. It is clear and clear that the liquid pressure is different at different depths.

Bernully's law, we're at school (or at the institute?) and we've taken a long time by formula. That makes no sense. Me too. It turns out, in principle, simple. But paradoxically. This is particularly interesting for both adults and children. Here. Experience with air under this law, but with water.

Here's a video showing physical law. Almost cartoon)
We can experiment with Pascal's ball. In principle, it's a common spray. What's the science instrument? We were just hanging out at school when we showed up. Though it seems like this is the ninth grade.

The experience with shared vessels is very interesting. I always thought the subject was very simple and boring. Ah, no. There's a lot of busy and important things in it.

And the last one of them is another. It's a very good experience of drinking water under pressure. In principle, it is possible for parents to show such a child

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