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Experience In Physics With His Hands

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Physics is experimental science. All their physics learned from experience, asking the nature of questions and making experiments in which nature reveals its secrets to a person. And at the physics school, it's best if every new lesson starts with new experiments, if knowledge comes first from experience, and then from textbooks. And in the books we read, we understand much better what we do with our hands and see our eyes.

Our video is an encyclopedia of elementary physics. It's a very small form, but it's a lot of experiments, explanations and judgements, physics and technology history. Over time, it will include all sections of school physics, but it has already done a great deal: the sections of " Vitals " , " Small mechanisms " , " Hydrostatics and aerostics " , " Zuk " , have been prepared for the section " Light and Colour " .

Look how we do. physics experience♪ do it with us, make it up and show us new experiences. Listen to our thoughts, deal with them, come up with your explanations and do your calculations. This is the best way to understand how physics works!

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