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How To Get Home-Based Rainbows

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выращивание кристалловCrystals (greek krystallos, original ice), solid bodies whose atoms or molecules form an orderly periodic structure (crystal bar).

If you don't wait outside the sea for weather and change of time of the year, you can take two or three weeks. grow beautiful crystals Salt your own house. This will require a glass bank, a wire and a thread, and an additional stock of salt that you're going to grow. It's very effective to look like home-grown copper crystals of bright blue and chromo-calium quastes (fiolets), good and colorless cookies of welded salt.

Copper corn Apply to agriculture to control pests and disease in plants, industry in the production of artificial fibres, organic paints, mineral paints, arsenic chemicals, ore enrichment in the flotation, staining steel, galvanoplasty etc.

The copper corn can be easily recovered from any garden and garden store.

First, we prepare as much as possible the solvent of the chosen salt, pour salt into a glass of water, until another layer of salt stops to dissolve at the mixing. After that, we'll lighten the mixture to achieve total salt dissolvement. I'll put a glass in a pot of warm water.

Concentrated solution will be poured into a bank or a chemical glass; in the same way, with a wire-shifting (possibly a cut from a barbaric stream) we shall put a crystal-crystalic bleach on the thread of the same salt, so that it can be loaded into a solution. On this "sharp" and the future of your crystal collection is to be raised.

A chemistry glass with a copper corn solution and a snuckle with a crystal grower. Three days after the beginning of experience, a copper corn crystal like a precious stone appeared on the thread.

We'll put the solution in open form into a warm place. The crystal should be kept under surveillance every day, and in no case should it be lifted without turning or confusing a glass with a solution, or this shock will produce unplanned, sometimes instant crystallization.

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