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How To Do Tricks At Home


A glass and a coin. This focus will require a coin, a glass, a 50x50 mark. The flashlight shows the viewers a glass filled with water, except that there's nothing else in it. Suggests a volunteer from the audience to come and see a glass. The sucker's wearing a glass at this time, making magic passes and taking off the handkerchief. The audience looks in the glass and sees the coin lying there.

What's the secret? The coin shall be glued to the bottom of the glass. When the glass is empty, the coin through the walls is perfectly visible. But if the glass is filled with water, you can't see the coin through the water if you look from the glass side. I see it on top.

An unusual coin. You're gonna need a coin and a 30x30-cm handkerchief to do this trick. We also need an assistant. The sucker puts a coin on the table, puts it on a handkerchief, and invites the viewers to come over and make sure that the coin is in place. Then the magician takes a coin in his hand, and the lucrative moves him into another arm, and then shows that the handkerchief is empty. After that, he approached one of the audience and pulled a coin out of his pocket.
That's the secret: you have a partner. The partner sits in the middle of the viewers, and when they come to make sure there's a coin under the handkerchief, he's the last one to take the coin with him. All you have to do is go to your partner and get the coin out of his pocket.

Как делать фокусы домаA box and a coin. You'll need a trick, a coin, two 30x30 cms, a rubber ring. So the magician asks the viewers for the coin. He's got a bunch of coin that magician chooses one. Getting out of his pocket and distracting the handkerchief, he puts a coin in the center of the handkerchief. It turns around, the coin stays under it. Fakir pulls a ring rubber out of his pocket and puts it on a handkerchief under his coin. Next, the scientist is asked to set up his palm. And the magician is pulling the handkerchief at this time, getting the rubber off the coin. But it didn't fall on the driver's palm. Then the magician keeps pretending he's taking a coin from the closet or the table.

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