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About the focus. Among the many ideas aimed at improving the educational process, one of the most important is the idea of creating and developing the learning interest of students. This idea is a reason to find means that would attract students, have them working together with the teacher. Interest is considered to be a powerful motivator of personal activity, under which all mental processes are particularly intense, and activities become fascinating and productive. A particular and important area of general interest is enlightening. In general terms, this is the individual ' s selective focus on the area of knowledge, its substantive side and the very process of learning. The value of the learning interest is that the human trend is to deepen into what is known.
It is important to ensure that the learning process does not become boring and one-time for pupils. Students ' interest in the subject is a prerequisite for the emergence of a more complex variety of students - a learning interest. A learning interest contributes to students ' learning activity and to the improvement of the quality of knowledge. This is a reflection of the relevance of the problem of developing the educational interest of schoolchildren in modernizing the educational process.
Care is taken to address this issue. Care is an attitude which, influencing the pupil ' s feelings, contributes to a positive attitude towards learning and commitment to active thinking by all students. There are those who consider the sensitivity of teaching to be an elementary level of interest arising from the brightness of impressions. Such an interest is worthless, is easily overwhelmed by new bright impressions. However, there are others who consider the attention to be an intrinsic part of an interesting learning, and they see a powerful tool that exacerbates all processes of interest. In our work, focus is seen as a means of attracting interest in the subject or process of study, which contributes to the transition of learning interest from the situational, occasional, to a stage of sustained learning interest. It is important, however, to understand carefully as a factor influencing mental processes, to understand clearly the purpose of using such devices, and to apply them in a classroom with other teaching tools. Simply put, everything's fine and, as the medics say, we need to respect the dosage. ♪ ♪

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