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Card focus training It's a knowledge of trick secrets and practice before a real performance. We can practice magic in front of the mirror. Show the audience to automate. Then you can. Do the card trick. in every situation. Train some simple tricks with maps that even children can do.

How to guess one map out of five.

  • Card belt
  • table.

Focus content.

Explain to your viewers that you read minds and can easily retrieve a map of your magic well. Call out of the room four applicants, put them at the table and give them the cards.

Фокусы с картами - обучение.

Ask everyone to wonder about one of the maps in their hands. Now gather all the maps, one round, put them on five piles. During this procedure, say some magic words.

Invite the assistants themselves to choose an appropriate set of maps and to give you. Put the maps in the wind and turn the picture to the audience. Ask the assistants who noticed their map. As soon as anyone answers, you'll pull the chart out. If you don't have the right card in the sample, take another stack. She should be chosen by the assistants, too.

The most interesting thing is, in any case, you're guessing the right card, even if there's a few mysterious maps in the stack.

Training this card trick.

In this room, only you know the secret of magic. The thing is, you're taking five cards on a clockwise shooter, first at the first assistant on your left, then next round. The cards at this time you keep the picture down, the last one will be your card stack, and it'll be top of the pack. After that, you'll put the cards back on five grand in each stop.

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