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Who says science is boring? At our events of the " Learning Science " cycle, you can see that science is great, interesting, exciting and accessible! Here you'll find out a lot of new physics and chemistry, you can see and repeat a variety of things. scientific experiments

A series of sessions may be held on a specific theme for requests from schools and kindergartens. For example, after studying the next topic of physics, 1-2 classes are conducted to consolidate the material studied through simple and visual experiments performed by students themselves, with parallel interpretation of the theoretical framework.

All materials required for the experience are provided by the Centre! But if you have your own materials and you don't regret spending them, you can boldly bring and use it. It's only better to get this straight with the teacher.

Age: 6+ / 10+. Course breadth: 10 sessions at 60 minutes. Course value: 2,500 roubles (according to the purchase of consumables).

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