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Research On Plants

Focus on plants

Nikolai Mihailovich Verzilin (1903-1984), a well-known scholar and pedagogical, a talented biopromoderator.

On Sundays, the gymnastics traveled outside the city, walked around, trying to feel like they're scouts, stalkers, thinsons. Pecley was in the ass of a potato, stacked in a cat of ears, sleeping in his hands-built stitches. There were also Cola Versilin, a future scientist, a pedagogue, a pedagogical writer.

Born in 1903 in the village of Safronk, Kur province. Living nature has been uneven since childhood. He's been on his reading. I read Seton-Tompson's novels, Jules Verne, Daniel Defo, Fenimore Cooper, Main Reed.

At the age of 16, that's what happened, Nikolai Versilin started teaching in primary school in the country. And there's a young teacher who's making a leap in the woods, familiarizing students with medieval plants. They spend summer in tents, posting the laws of real forest scouts. But young people wanted to learn further, and in 1928, they complete the Leningrad Agricultural Institute and continue to work at school, as well as at the Pedagogical Institute and the Institute for the Advancement of Teachers.

At school, a young teacher with a gambling enthusiast who's in love with his business, creates small experimental laboratories, plant plots, wildlife corners, and produces books with his experience in biology teaching (Agrobiological section of secondary school), "Looking with plants," "Botanical Excursions,"

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