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Interesting Biological Experience In Domestic Settings

Microscope at home

Лист клевера. Увеличение 100×. Некоторые клетки содержат тёмно-красный пигментNot every biological sample is good to look at with a big increase. This is linked to the fact that the more optical system increases, the less sharp. Consequently, the image of the uneven surfaces of the drug will be partially washed.Лист земляники. Увеличение 40× It is therefore important to have a set of objects and oxycles to monitor the increase from 10 to 20 to 900 to 10,000x. Sometimes, it is justified to increase 1,500x (Oculation 15 and objective 100x). More increases are pointless because smaller parts do not allow the wave nature of light to be seen.

The next important moment is the type of ocular. How many eyes do you want to look at the image? It's usually a monocular, binocular and triocular variety. In the case of a monocular, you're gonna have to look around while you're tiring your eyes with long surveillance. Binoculars look at both eyes (not to confuse him with a stereomicroscope giving an image). A third eye, an installation board, will be required for the photo and video filming of micro-entreans. Many manufacturers produce special cameras for their microscope models, but the usual camera can be used by buying a transient.

Детёныш улитки. Увеличение 40× Крыло жучка бибиониды. Увеличение 400× Кожица лука. Увеличение 1000×. Окраска йодом. На фотографии видно клеточное ядро. Кожица лука. Увеличение 1000×. Окраска азур-эозином. На фотографии в ядре заметно ядрышко

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