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Experiences And Experiments In Kindergarten

Water in bottle

опыты для детей, физические опыты для детей, домашние опыты для детей, простые опыты для детей, видео опытов для детей

Experiences and experiments for young children

This simple and bright experience is very good for the kids. Indeed, there is no child who in the bathtub would not be fascinated as water, spiraling, disappears in the drain of the bathroom. What's in the pipe?

Description of experience

Water vortex is a remarkable sight, reminding a tornado with a long, flexible booth, whispering and heating like a living creature.

” To get an effective water stream in a miniature, water needs a little help - to unburden, smash the water, to make the flow more centralized.

It's not hard to do if you make some sort of sand clock out of handwash.

You will.

  • Two identical plastic bottles
  • Clay, securely attached plastic
  • Scotch
  • And water, of course!

Okay, first in the lids of the bottle, we need to drill the widest openings. The roofs are then placed on one side by side. They can be further emptied with scotch for reliability outside.

Now we're pouring water into one of the bottles, and we're putting two samples on top of it, and we're putting an empty bottle in it.

We're fast-moving our structure. Make sure the traffic is tightly shut!

The vodor is ready!

Explanation of experience

Surprisingly, but the mechanism for the emergence of a watershed is one in the ocean, and in the bathtub, and even when there are giant cyclones. The rapid flow of water (air) is facing an obstacle (sea, stone, counter flow) and seeks backwards. But it's back on itself, and it's moving forward again! There's nothing left in the water stream to move around with a centralized force. The fast-moving water is striving to the edge of the vortex, and in the middle, there is a west, low-pressure area, where all the objects in the vicinity are prolonged.

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