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What Experiments Can Be Made At Home For Children

Magnet experience

Children who have closely followed previous experiences will immediately know that this can be done by magnetic means using its properties to operate at a distance.

Experience 3. Magnet has two poles.

If you take two pieces of magnet and bring them to each other, it turns out they're one end and the other's pushed away. One end is called a southern or positive magnetic pole and a sign of "+." The other end is the northern (deep) magnetic pole, marked by "-." The magnets are attracted to each other by different fields, and they are pushed by the same.

Ask the child to take two magnets and determine if he puts them in the same fields or different?

Look at this toy: if a witch's figure moves to the mile, then it starts running away from a witch. What is this trick based on? Knowing the properties of magnetic poles, it's hard to figure out what the witch's figure is, and the methle contains magnets that target each other with the same poles.

опыты с магнитами опыты с магнитами - железные опилки опыты с магнитами - магнитное поле

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