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Experiments By Small Children

Graves and experiments for the smallest

2 sets at a profitable price

Weight: 1.92 kg Age: 2-4 years Description:

It's a great choice for artistic and fabulous babies! Order " Experiments for the Smallest " and " Schedestrians for the Smallest " at a special, profitable price.

Output: It's a logical and model thinking. The child will know the works of great masters and the facts about them, will be able to distinguish the work of one artist from the work of another, and will have the first artistic preferences. The kid will expand his horizon, understand the essence of many natural phenomena and laws, meet some inventions.

It spreads: Creative and logical abilities, colours, horizon, visual and systemic thinking, memory, speech, vision, attention and imagination. Formulates: Art taste, beauty, ability to analyse and synthesize information, knowledge of world cultural heritage, interest in science and creativity. Methodology: Creative development, learning development. Manufacturer: Smnicus, your gifts and advantages:

3,990 rubles. 3,750 roubles.

Manager will call you back, find out all the details.
And he'll order your name.

Sets of " Cedentra for the Smallest " and " Experiments for the Smallest " aim at the children ' s learning development. The baby has a need and a capacity to actively think, to overcome challenges in addressing diverse challenges. A little later, learning interest will go to school. As a result, the kits will lay the foundation for further learning and understanding of the surrounding world.

Little children have a bright emotional colour. It manifests itself in curiosity to observations and descriptions, in expressing its impressions. The Sets of "Shedere for the Smallest" and "Experiments for the Smallest" support this curiosity, because all classes are held in a game with parents!

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