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Young chemistry skills kit

НаборScience comes in different ways. In experimental science, which is chemistry and physics, there is no more reliable satellite than a live-based experiment. Chemistry tends to start with experience. Not by chance, many famous scholars have loved to experiment with a substance since childhood. Close experience in chemistry, ecology and natural science from very simple, young chemists starting their path, to the more complex ones for those who already know a lot, can be found in the South Chemicals kit.

The Choice for Chemistry, Ecology and Geosciences of the South Chemicals is a modern analog to the current selection of the Soviet Union industry. The Young Chemical kit has an updated composition and enhanced safety of works added to the list of new environmental and natural knowledge experiences. The kit takes into account the contemporary requirements of pedagogicals for technical means of education.

The proposed set exceeds similar samples by number of chemical and environmental experiences, their illustrative saturation, relevance to modern environmental and natural science education, simplicity.

All experience, regardless of the level of complexity, is justified, verified, detailed and, most importantly, safe. If young chemistry is confident of its discipline and sensitivity, if it is able to accurately follow the advice, rules and recommendations, then chemical experience can be bold. And let this little lab help you find your way to science.

The Young Chemistry kit is designed for students in grades 5 to 9 for self-reliance in both household and classroom and classroom settings. It enables 200 different experiences, including 50 simple environmental experiences.

It fits well in the content of teaching subjects - science, chemistry, ecology and can successfully be integrated with the school science workshops.

The kit shall:

- The development of research skills and the ability to conduct self-reliant natural experiments;

- To develop and sustain interest in science, commitment and observation;

- Enhancing creative thinking and a non-trivial approach to learning.

Self-reliance with this small laboratory improves the effectiveness of new knowledge on integrated education and learning indicators such as learning success, learning time and motivation.

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