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Home-Based Hydrogen Transfusion Experience

Like a drip (suck)

28There's a feeling that most of the harmful bacteria is in our system through our noses. It is, but not really. Turns out there's still a way to our system-- through the ears, bacteria in the ear, moving through the connecting ear to the nosoglo, and instantly falling into the system. As you can see, health bonds are clean and healthy ears. To date, the use of hydrogen overcapacity to treat diseases, including ears, has been proven to be effective.

From this article you will find out:

  • What's the use of hydrogen for ear?
  • How is it right to bury hydrogen in the ear?
  • Sulphur samples and hydrogen transfusions

What's the use of hydrogen for ear?

People ' s medicine strongly recommends drip in your ear not only for clean-up procedures, gray sampling, but for OD treatment. And if the ears bury a regular transfusion, it'll be a prophylaxis. There's no secret to anyone, to treat skin damage, and to quickly heal the wounds, the most appropriate antiseptic is to turn.

The mass popularity of hydrogen transfusion acquired at the end of the last century. Proved the invaluable properties of this substance, Professor Neumavakin Ivan Pavlovic. All the useful properties and prescriptions for hydrogen overkills were described in detail in his book, " Hydrogen Controls. Myths and reality. "

As a result of the application of H2O, the strengthening of immunity can also be seen, and the conversion will help to combat bacteria, viruses and various micro-organisms that attack our system. It will be quite effective to bury hydrogen into the ear if there is a tightness. It is worth noting that this drug is a perfectly accessible treatment.

How is it right to bury hydrogen in the ear?

If you're doing the ear-cleaning procedure for the first time, then drip hydrogen into the ear at 0.3 per cent or 0.5 per cent. For this, unleash 10, or 15 drops of drugs in one spoon of ordinary clean water. The procedure is ready. If you have already done this cleaning procedure several times, you can use the 1-o or 2-percent solution for hydrogen transfusion.

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