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Instead of beatings and cats, what to look at youtube on science and culture

что смотреть на YouTube о науке и культуреSciShow is a popular English-language channel about science. There's a video of nerds, chemistry, physics, zoology, biology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, computer sciences, anthropology, and they just don't get off. In order to facilitate the search for the necessary response, the authors have created special sections: the news of science, the most frequently asked questions in the world, or, for example, answers to simple questions like " Why do we have dark circles under our eyes? "

It's Okay To Be Smart

SIGNED ON YOUTube the Econet.Ro Channel, which allows you to watch online, download free video of recovery, human rejuvenation. Love to others and to themselves, as a feeling of high vibrations, is an important factor.

Joe Hanson tells me if your old brain is too old for video games, like bees do honey, what color the Moon and why we sleep. His video channel It’s Okay To Be Smart is for the curious technicians who want to explain everything.


If you hated chemistry at school, just go to Thoisoi Canal, and your attitude might change. It's not boring formulas, it's mature experiments: how to make disappearing ink, grow a green monocrystal out of salt, create clouds in a bottle and everything. Really? home experience The authors do not advise.


Ridddle is the most virtuous video on the list. It's like you're watching a trailer movie about the apocalypse, but in fact, it's a book on mystery and secrets of the universe. The author asks intrigue questions, is it possible to put the sun down, what happens if the robots rise, and why the hell is space so dark?

Anastasia Kay

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