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Lessons Of Tesla In The Home

Secrets and riddles of tesla

Тайны и загадки Николы ТеслаThe testimonies have been accustomed to the abilities of the spectator, and he has a brightly expressed gift of imagination.

The inventor argued that he could have cleaned his brain out of the outside world.

And in this state, he was wearing an enthusiasm flash, an internal vision, and a top-sensitivity approach. In these minutes, he was considered a scientist, his consciousness penetrated the mystery world.

One day, friends from Philadelphia who were staying with him were gonna come home on a train. But Tesla felt a strange desire in any way to hold them. The train they were supposed to return was disrupted.

Тайны и загадки Николы ТеслаAnother time, he had a dream that his sister was dying to get sick and die. And it was true, although he didn't get any information about her illness.

And when the first flight of the Titanic bought a ticket to the financial grace of Tesla J. P. Morgan, the inventor insisted categorically that he would not travel. Morgan believed Tesle and refused a prestigious flight.

Никола ТеслаTesla was, and in fact, an amazing man, a fascinatingly successful engineer, an inventor and a scientist who also had no visions and drawings. He had them, but in his head. And on the basis of all his purely mental calculations and construction, he has carried out his many experiments, studies and experiences.

Tesla didn't leave his physical theory, but with countless experiments, he created a new, resonant understanding of electromagneticism. He believed that the world was the only continuous electromagnetic environment and that the matter was one of the manifestations of the organized electromagnetic fluctuations described by the mathematical algorithm.

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