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Kelta Stone is a solid body whose surface is sprayed
No sharps and ribs. The body is moving in a homogeneous field of gravity with one point of swelling of its surface on a fixed horizontal plane.
These bodies are sometimes called keltic rocks. That name was given because their unusual behaviour in rotation was detected in archaeological studies of ancient axes with that name. This may also be related to the name of a group of tribes, the Kelta, which had many areas of Western Europe in 2,000 n.e. ♪ Some of the smoking properties of the rotating keltic stone were reported.

If this stone is placed on a horizontal plane and twisted in a certain direction around the vertical axis, it may proceed with this rotation steadily.

If the direction of the start-up rotation is reversed, it may soon stop spinning, rotate around the horizontal axis and then rotate backwards without active external influence.

In some cases, rotation of rotation occurs in any direction of start-up and can even be repeated repeatedly.

The Celtic Stone also has such a strange characteristic: if the rock on the plane leads to a fluctuation around the horizontal axis, these variations will over time cause its turn around the vertical axis, the direction of rotation depends on the orientation of the stone on the axis of which the stone first shattered.

The body possessing the properties of the Keltic stone is not difficult to design even in the first place. household♪ For example, it can be made in the form of half of the eggs on the upper horizontal plane of which the screw is fitted with a rod located at some angles to the longitudinal axis of the cut. By altering this angle, celtic stones with more or less pronounced dynamic properties characteristic of these stones may be produced.

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